The various instrumentations of

The Herb Moore Jazz Ensembles

provide the widest range of choices when seeking a professional and entertaining musical experience. 
Using the traditional jazz instrumentation of guitar, acoustic bass, piano and/or drums, with an added touch of vocals

The Herb Moore Jazz Ensembles

blend seamlessly through jazz standards, bossa novas and contemporary songs.  
With over 35 years of professional experience as musicians,

Herb Moore - guitar and Terry Dougherty bass,
and featuring a stellar mix of great musicians to round out the trio such as Rachel Husta on vocals,

utilizes a song list that includes what they call The New Standards.

Mixing contemporary songs from artist like

 Pat Methany, James Taylor and Steely Dan with the jazz classics ranging from
Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and Antonios Jobim.


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Summer Schedule:

Sundays on the Veranda at Congress Hall
6 to 8:30 starting June 2nd !

Tuesdays the Herb Moore Trio
at SeaSalt, 6 to 10, starting in June 11th!

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Herb Moore Calendar

Ensemble Leader - Herb Moore

Terry Dougherty - Bassist

The Herb Moore Duo



The Herb Moore Trio with Rachel Husta

The Herb Moore Trio with vocalist Rachel Husta

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   The Herb Moore Duo,

                          Trio or Quartet

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   For Booking or Further Information please contact:
  Terry at 609-576-1841 or email

Herb at 856-513-5304